The SFI Discover Primary Science and Maths (DPSM) programme originated in 2003 with the goal of introducing primary school students to science in a practical, hands-on, enjoyable and interactive way. Since 2010 the programme has been run in conjunction with the European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO) Ireland which uses space to inspire and engage young people in science and technology in the world around them. 

The DPSM programme facilitates Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in primary science by providing teachers with a Framework and planning tool for teaching inquiry-based learning and providing resources and classroom activity packs which can also be used by parents and students.

Why register?

Teachers who have already attended a training day are registered with the Programme - you do not need to register again. 

Discover Primary Science and Maths (DPSM) is the national programme to foster interest in science, technology engineering and maths among children in primary schools. Participating schools carry out a range of science and maths activities in the classroom and are also encouraged to undertake additional explorative activities and projects.

Teachers can attend a whole school hands-on induction afternoon, where they learn about undertaking science and maths activities in the classroom. An Award of Science and Maths Excellence is available to schools that go beyond basic participation and carry out a minimum requirement of additional explorative activities.

Resources and support

  • Online access to easy-to-follow prescribed science and maths activities, aimed primarily at 8-12 year olds, though some activities are also suitable for junior classes. All activities can be used to develop primary science lessons.
  • Guidelines and clear instructions for each activity.
  • Easy to source equipment lists.
  • Helpful hints for teachers and explanations of the science and maths background for each activity.
  • Explanations of how activities link to the SESE curriculum.
  • A network of Discover Primary Science and Maths Centres will offer exciting programmes to visiting Discover Primary Science and Maths Schools.
  • A dedicated website which profile schools, introduce new activities and provide a members only section for registered teachers.
  • Regular electronic newsletters which will give information pertinent to science and maths in primary schools and promote relevant science events.